About Us

Life is full of magic, if we open our eyes to see and our senses to perceive. It’s in the fireflies that dance with the stars in the night, incense that sweetens the scent of temples, chanting echoing across the lush mountainside, energy of one hundred years imbued in a tree…

Mamma Shanti is my proof that magic is real.

My name is Camilla, and I’m the soul mamma of Mamma Shanti. Since starting my travels in 2015, I’d been on a mission to help others make their dreams come true. Until one day, I asked myself what my biggest, most daring dream was. How could I write from a place of authenticity if I hadn’t first reached the other side?

So I got going with my biggest manifestation yet…

To create a space where people can quiet their minds and awaken their souls. A place for rest & restoration, to reconnect to nature and rediscover our childlike spirit. To share to heal, to learn to play. And all this in the paradise playground of Sri Lanka.

And here she is…

Welcome to Mamma Shanti.

I’m so happy you’re here.