The Shortcut to Enlightenment

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The Shortcut to Enlightenment

It seems that everyone these days wants to reach enlightenment. Buddah preached it, Jesus embodied it – we’re all attempting to be it. From mountain yogis in the Himalayas to self-help book addicts and everyday householders. We’re all searching for Nirvana, bliss, heaven, paradise on earth, to be the knower of all knowledge, the seer of all light. Whatever you want to call it, whichever corner of the globe you come from, whatever your beliefs – it’s all the same. Humans want to be enlightened.


So what’s the big deal with this big quest to end all eternal damnation and raise our consciousness to a pure and heightened state of being? Why are we being sold this idea of everlasting peace and bliss and how can we achieve such a beyond human experience while working within our very basic human natures?


Some choose the path of opening the chakras, step by step, colour by colour up the spine and through the crown. For others it’s abstaining from all the worldly pleasures and sensuals delights. And then there are those who meditate on the breath and body alone for hours on end everyday. As a yogi and seeker of light myself, I’ve tried my hand at a mix of these methods.


I too was seeking the secret to spiritual fulfilment and full attainment while still of this earth.

Until one day – I wasn’t.


The answer simply came to me.


The shortcut to enlightenment is to lighten up.


Yes, you heard it. There’s no hidden Rumi-fied play on words here. I mean this in an entirely coloquial, “stop sweating the small stuff dude”, kinda way.  


As I am now most likely going against everything Buddah and Oprah has ever told you, I see an explanation is needed.


Simply put – you are already enlightened.


You are already everything you have always wanted, hoped, dreamed, yearned to be.


How? Why? Say Whaaaaat?


Because you are supreme consciousness. Everything you see in physical reality, everything you imagine within your mental reality, and everything you dream of within spiritual reality is the same energy that you are made of. Meaning, you can be, are already, will never not be, whatever you choose to be. In this case – enlightened.


So I say lighten up.  Kick off your Jesus sandals, sleep in on Sundays, indulge in the heart building-breaking ecstasy of love. Fully embrace and live your human existence. Close your eyes, listen to the sounds of birds and step into the kingdom of God.

Bliss, Nirvana, heaven, is right here on earth if you choose for it to be. Every experience in your life is a choice. So no more trying to reach enlightenment. Simply be enlightened. Choose to lighten up and live enlightened in this moment, in this life, right here.   

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