Do You Dare To Know Your Destiny?

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Do You Dare To Know Your Destiny?

“Fortune favours those who go in search of their destinies.” – The Alchemist


Are you in search of your destiny? Do you know your soul purpose for choosing this life?


If you answer is no, I only have question for you:


Then what exactly are you doing?


As children we believe that anything is possible. A map sketched on tea-stained paper with singed edges is the route to real treasure. Whether we hold this gold in our minds or in our hands, it’s one and same. Any 5 year old can magically transform into a real-life fairy with the help from her bright pink tutu, and many battles against garden ghouls have been forged and won with a wooden sword. So where does it all go wrong? At what age to we replace our own imagination of the life we want to live with the passed on, past-their-sell-buy-date imaginings of others? When do we let the treasure map flutter to the gutter as we pick up our burdens and go to work at the great slog of life?


It’s right about the time we stop make believeing and start making do. Our parents speak of failed careers, forgotten dreams and foolish ambitions. Our society speaks of working hard to get ahead in a race you never chose to enter. You’re told to tolerate a nine-five, 50 week a year existence so that you can earn back the last dappled rays of your life when you hit 65.


But what they conveniently don’t add to the job description annex is that by the time this much awaited age arrives, you’re so tarnished by the disappointments of an unfulfilled life and so in debt to a society satiated by material gain and starved of spiritual wealth, that you choose the rut over the rope and let go of those dreams forever. You wait your whole life for your life to start, and then you realise the starting gun is never gonna shoot. And the irony is, it’s been your finger on the trigger the whole time.


I want to tell you something. You don’t have to wait. You can fire that pistol right now and run like a child wild across rain kissed plains and sun streamed meadows straight after those dreams. As soon as you set your sights and full focus on your destiny, your life takes on a magical glow of fortune. You live each day in awe that you are making a living by simply living your life. At night sleep may sometimes allude you, not from stress over daily struggles and unpaid debts, but because you’re just too excited to catch a wink. Every day feeds your soul from dawn to dusk and all you want is to shake the rest of the world awake r and set them off after their own destinies.


I know this because I speak from experience. I’ve spent nights in tents on thin yoga mats, caught winks with rats on the kitchen floor and caught 4 hour long bus rides at 4 o-clock in the morning all in the pursuit of my dream. And you know what? I’ve relished every minute.


When you live your life in line with your destiny every experience is enjoyed, hardships become lessons, failures become motivators and the successes are so much sweeter because you’re living an adventure en route to your own very treasure.


As The Alchemist says “Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. And that no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dreams, because every second of the search is a second’s encounter with God and with eternity.”


You’re the only one stopping you from finding your treasure. It’s time to dust off the forgotten map, shoot your own firing gun and run, run, run!

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      Thanks Richard, will be posting again soon! 🙂

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